........................  Session 3  
Constitution Bibliography 911 Resources
 .    Lower Elementary:
Lesson Plan Template (Kindergarten)
           (Flag Photo)
Lesson Plan Template (Second Grade)

Donít Take the Bait (PowerPoint File)

 Kalman, Maira. Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey. Putnam, 2002.
.    Upper Elementary:
Aubin, Cheryl Somers. The Survivor Tree: Inspired By a True Story. Callery Press, 2014.
Simon's Hook (PowerPoint File)
- (Book Cover)
The Recess Queen_RIRA.pdf
The Recess Queen_Verbs and Unpacking.pdf
. The Recess Queen_VOCAB.pdf
.Lesson Plan Template 413.docx
. School House Rock -The Preamble   (on youtube.com)
. The Constitution Song
. Preamble Storyboard (PowerPoint)
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